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Teacher's Workshop

After 4 Environmental Education Manuals were developed collaboratively by the Belize Ministry of Education, The Belize Zoo and Peace Corps Belize 1990-1994, there remained the dire need for the teachers to effectively interpret and transfer the information contained in each of the four resource Environmental Education Books.

Recognizing this need, the Belize Zoo initiated regular teachers' summer workshops to assist teachers in the interpretation of contents of the manuals and to demonstrate how they could be integrated into their existing curriculum.

The department has held very successful Teachers' Enrichment Worshops, for which there has been the participation of teachers country wide. What started as a "Teachers Workshop" in 1992 has now been modified and changed to "Teachers Study Tour" in 1998 where by teachers are taken out of the lecture room setting and into a more hands-on learning experience complimented with several field trips. These study tours were design to assist teachers in integrating conservation sciences into their classroom area. Group project discussions, field trips and slide presentations were all in the package for these programs with the objective that teachers return to the class room with more strategies and ideas for teaching. Each year our department recognizes the growing importance/impacts these study tour have from feed-back and evaluations made after the event.

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