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World Croc Day Rocked!

The on-and-off rains did not affect the excitement of this raging reptile celebration in mid-June.  TBZ and the Crocodile Research Coalition (CRC) teamed up and created an atmosphere of fun and learning for all.


There were games galore for kids, and CRC volunteers provided opportunities for visitors to “build a crocodile” from their arts and crafts table.  Brutus, our 12 foot long American crocodile, stayed nearby, and all who saw Sir Brutus voiced amazement at his size, but also, at the guy’s attitude!  Brutus does not shy away from people, and since these reptiles do have a cerebral cortex, which allows them the ability to process information, he just may have been eves-dropping on the nearby croc lectures being provided by CRC Co-founder, Dr. Marisa Tellez.

A never-before-seen crocodile poster appeared, and is it ever beautiful!  Also making a fun and welcome appearance, were our colleagues from Chetumal, Mexico. Zoologico Payo Obispo and The Belize Zoo have forged a relationship based on the conservation of our shared regional species.  Just like The Belize Zoo, “Payo Obispo Zoo” is very active in the environmental education arena.

While they came for the croc, they also met the one and only Jaguar Ambassador Junior Buddy, who charmed them all.  Panama the Harpy Eagle eagerly took and ate rat pieces from them, and feeding this big bird made quite an impression on our friends from across the border. Mexican Ambassador, Mr. Carlos Quesnel, was also present to share in the fun and enjoy the sounds of talented guitarist Eduardo, a rising star in Chetumal.

More excitement?  Yes, much more.  World Croc Day was a very fitting day for another big surprise: the launch of Zoo Director Sharon’s latest book: “THIS CROC ROCKS! ,”featuring Rose the American Croc.   The book is based on the true story of Rose, how she came to the zoo, and also, her many adventures as she grew up and became an Ambassador Crocodile for Belize.

What a day!  Good times and good fun for all.  Posters, books, games and inflatable crocodiles in the turtle pond brought an atmosphere of reptile joy and wonder for all.   Yes! Crocs Rock!

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