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We Welcome Charming Chuckles Into The Zoo!


Oh what a wonderful bird our “Chuckles” the laughing falcon truly is! He has been cared for off-exhibit at the zoo for over two months. The fellow regularly “laughs” and his vocalizations always causes all our zoo staff to stop their tasks and stand still, listen and admire. Over the weeks, he has grown used to our zoo staff, and is no longer shy about flying close to the zoo “activity zone”, watching as our keepers carry out important daily zoo tasks.

“Chuckles” has shown us that he loves to dine on snakes. Yes, laughing falcons are primarily snake-eating birds. They do not actively soar, as is the flying regime of some other falcons. A laughing falcon is a “sit on a perch and wait, for prey” raptor.  With their vanilla-coloured head and chocolate-coloured mask, they simply rate as one of our most beautiful Belizean birds of prey. Laughing falcons will call to one another and establish a territory where a male and female will regularly chime in together.  As with many birds, the laughing falcon mates for life.  Many people in Belize call the laughing falcon the “rain bird”. There is a prevalent belief that if a laughing falcon calls, rains are sure to follow!

Like all raptors, they have an important job to do in our country.  Laughing falcons help keep forest ecology in firm balance.They are invaluable winged-citizens in Belize. Such a special bird definitely deserves a special home on zoo grounds. We thought long and hard about where best to provide a zoo home for “Chuckles”.

Decision made! An area at the front of the zoo has been designated as “Casa de la Chuckles”.  The front portion of Chuckle’s home allows for him to observe all that is going on “out there”.  The adjacent part of “Chuckle’s” apartment allows for a bit of privacy, if that is what our “Chucks” desires.

Realizing that most, if not all, zoo visitors do not come into contact with a laughing falcon (which are given the designation of  being “uncommon to rare”), “Chuckles” is worked with each and every day so that our visitors can get “up close and personal” to one of the most beautiful birds of prey in Belize, our laughing falcon.  We especially are excited to provide a “Chuckles” visit for our many school children who come through our zoo education program.  “Chuckles” You are a charmer!!!  Welcome to the on-site zoo crew!  You will be a definite “smile-producer” to all who visit.

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