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Trash Talk and a Green Walk

What a load of garbage! The 2016 “Walk for a Green Belize” campaign, led by Department of the Environment, saw a whopping 10,000 lbs of garbage collected along all 77 miles of the historic George Price Highway. For the 2nd year running, The Belize Zoo was proud to be part of this admirable effort to keep our country clean.  This year, we had fine and enthusiastic help from our neighbour friends.


The Zoo staff made huge strides in the 1st annual Green Walk in 2015, cleaning our “home mile,” Mile 29. This year, we were so very happy to have the excited input from some special neighbours in Mahogany Heights.  With the help of chairperson extraordinaire, Ms. Raquel Vega, a team of 10 youths from the Mahogany Heights Cadet Corp came out bright and early on a Saturday; ready to help “green up” the nation.

Two miles of the George Price Highway were picked clean by these combined forces. With the garbage bags stacked high, the exhausted and proud Cadet Corp were treated to refreshments  from the Mahogany Heights Women’s Group.   There was more fun ahead!  After the food and drinks, the “green team” ended the morning with a smashing visit to the zoo.  What a fine way to celebrate Belize’s “Green Heritage”.

There is simply too much garbage out on our roadsides.  And garbage thrown out from a vehicle window is far from being “environmentally friendly”.   A single plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to break down.  Decaying plastic garbage also releases harmful chemicals into the environment.  Is this the legacy we, as citizens of Belize, want to leave our future generations?

Let’s take pride in Belize.  Keeping our landscape clean of garbage shows all that we are a forward thinking and caring nation.  Think Clean and Think Green!!   Let’s set a good example for our children to follow.  It’s easy:  Trash belongs in the trashcan.

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