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The Belize Zoo takes on greater interactive role

It is easy to see that a huge appreciation of our special wildlife readily happens by "up close and personal" experiences during zoo visits.

Hilario and CharlieOur staff will be ensuring this exciting experiences do happen, with amazing activities such as:

  • Playtime with Junior Buddy: Our famous captive-bred young Jaguar; come and have Junior somersault for you, then feed him and he might just give you a thank-you kiss!
  • Photos with "Hilario," and "Charlie" Our friendly ,captive-bred Scarlet Macaws
  • Meet and Greet" with a Boa Have a cuddle and a photo with resident Boa Constrictor "Bal Boa"
  • "Meet and Greet" with Panama the Harpy Eagle, and Zoo Director Ms. Sharon Matola (appointment necessary)
  • "Meet and Greet" and give a Hi-5 to Problem Jaguar Rehab Graduate, "Fieldmaster"

**(Fees for activities support Conservation Education at The Belize Zoo)

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