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The Belize Zoo named one of the World's Wildest Zoo's

"The Best Little Zoo in the World," is rapidly getting more and more of the international renown it deserves. In a June 26th article on Travel/MSN-UK, The Belie Zoo was ranked as 7th of the World's Top 10 Wildest Zoos. The article by Izzie Knolles is as follows:

"Belize Zoo keeps only orphaned or rehabilitated animals so visitors need not feel guilty about diminishing wild populations. Moreover, the zoo's collection are all endemic to Belize. You can spy jaguars, puma and ocelots as well as Belize's national animal, the tapir.

For a £40 donation you can climb into a cage with a jaguar, getting close enough for the (tame) animal to lick your face. The zoo may be small internationally but it's uncrowded and intimate. The layout flows smoothly into the surrounding landscape, making the environment more natural for animal and viewer.

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