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A recent Love FM Morning Show broadcast in May expanded the good news from The Belize Zoo to all corners of our country.    Our current project, to see that this wildlife education fun-facility becomes all-inclusive, is marching forward with gusto.
Sure, it’s a great deal of work and will take an ample amount of funding assistance, but all at the zoo view this change as a “must-do”. Jerome Flores, confined to a wheelchair, and  the consultant on the change-over, opened everyone’s eyes when he explained that he knew many people who were not capable of visiting the zoo, due to their having disabilities.   Looking  into the issue further clearly revealed that quite a few elderly people, as well as children with special needs, were also unable to see and appreciate what The Belize Zoo proudly has to offer our visitors.

Time for change!  It was noted on the program that the zoo began 30 years ago as an effort to bring the wildlife of Belize and its people closer together.   And what a successful three decades it has been, as we turned this objective into a happy reality.  However, it is now time to take our important work steps forward.
On the Morning Show, Tony Garel explained the new pathway design and its special “recipe”.  Jerome Flores signaled a stamp of approval by showing a video of his sampling the model pathway.  Sharon Matola pointed out that for the elderly people in Belize, a zoo visit will be a relaxing and an enjoyable experience.  Ample resting areas, handrails, and the easy-to-walk upon pathway will guarantee a smile on every granny’s face.    And for those visitors on the other end of the age barometer, strollers with babies on board will no longer have to struggle in order to journey around the zoo to see the jaguars, tapirs, monkeys and our other zoo friends.
It was also noted that these upcoming  changes  would be  an added benefit to our tourism industry.    For older visitors, they will have a safe and easy time walking around the zoo.  Elderly tourists will leave Belize feeling that our country has a sense of responsibility, one that is directed to their having a pleasant and safe visit , and  providing  them with very good memories.
Meanwhile, Happy the owl let the Love Fm Morning Show viewers and listeners know that he would be at the zoo barbecue for photo opportunities on the following Saturday. 
The Belize Zoo would like to take the opportunity to thank those who have supported this vital initiative and of course, we welcome further support to assist in seeing that the Best Little Zoo in the World, becomes THE VERY BEST Little Zoo in the World!

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