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Tarantula Time at the Belize Zoo

The Mexican red-rumped tarantula is the most common type of tarantula found in Belize. And for many people, this is one of the SCARIEST creatures which calls Belize home, too!

But don't be scared! Tarantulas are shy and timid spiders. They may have a "horror movie" reputation, but in reality, tarantulas only attack insects and very small animals, so that they can eat and survive.

They are large, black, hairy spiders with pretty red rumps, and their gangly eight legs can bring about a few raised and concerned eyebrows. But remember! They are gentle by nature!

Think about this: We consider the mosquito a mere nuisance in our lives, yet these flying pesky insects gives us malaria and yellow fever! Now THAT'S something to be fearful of!

If you see a tarantula crossing one of our roads, that would be a male, on the move. The females are far more sedentary. And the tarantula gals live much, much longer than the males. While a male tarantula will live 2-5 years, a female can live well over 10 years, and when she has youngsters, she has over 15 in one hatching.

At The Belize Zoo, you can have an exciting "spider experience"! Belize Zoo staff is ready and waiting to introduce you to our zoo tarantula, and all who have made the acquaintance of "Tarantula Tom", absolutely love it!

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