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Sign of the Times

A fun coincidence occurred at The Best Little Zoo in the World.   Thirty years to the very day when a small wooden sign was placed in the backyard of filmmaker Richard Foster’s property, reading “The Belize Zoo” another sign, stating the same, was erected at the current zoo entrance.

Beautifully engraved in treated pine lumber, courtesy of Wood Stop in Belmopan, this sign weighed in at over 400 pounds.  The attractive printing style, thoughtfully contributed by Sharanya Thummalapally, daughter of our USA Ambassador, is eye-catching. Engraving the sign and hauling this to the zoo was undertaken by Mr. Paul Martin.  He runs the Roaring River Golf Course, but when Paul isn’t involved with golfing, he is helping to protect fresh water crocodiles, or designing security systems, OR, putting his talents to use in creating large and attractive signs for lucky destinations in Belize…..like The Belize Zoo.

On the 10th of January, zoo staff and USA Embassy Ambassador, Mr. Vinai Thummalappaly and his wife, Barbara,  Mr. Emil Mena and Mr. Paul Martin all gathered together to watch as the new sign became a permanent and important fixture at the zoo’s entrance.  The sign inspired zoo folks to gear ourselves in upgrading our entire entryway.  Soon, the bus stop out front will be a more attractive and comfortable waiting area.

The vegetation will be altered a bit.  Up-and-coming, there will be a new plant scene out front.  The objective of impressing all of our visitors with a visual warm welcome, is a “must do” for 2013. What a terrific way to celebrate our thirty years of providing a wonderful country with a wonderful wildlife facility.  The past challenging years have brought us good times and also our share of hard times, but no bad times!

 The Belize Zoo would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in Belize who has supported our good efforts over these past three decades.   It is onwards and upwards!  We continue to work on having the entire zoo become accessible to persons with physical disabilities, and look forward to thirty more years of progress and achievements.

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