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Ross Vet School Clinic at The Belize Zoo!

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine is located on the island of St. Kitts and has graduated over 2,000 veterinarians since opening its doors in 1978. While studying at Ross Vet School, students get hands-on experience with animals including dogs, cats, cattle, horses, donkeys and sheep.

Working with us here at the Belize Zoo adds the important facet of tropical wildlife medicine to the students' study agenda. Led by Dr. Ivy Thomas, the Ross team ensures that the Zoo "residents" receive special attention.

The crew of jaguars who are part of our Problem Jaguar Rehabilitation Program were given a thorough medical examination. New “additions” are carefully looked at too. Recently, Hans and Sigi, our much-in-love pair of Great Curassows, provided the zoo with two beautiful chicks. Great Curassows are not an easy species to breed in captivity. And it was a fine experience for all to view the fluffy young curassow chicks. Yes! They were noted to be in excellent condition.

Dr. Ivy is superb when it comes to providing animal examinations, and her experience and knowledge is effortlessly transferred to the students, and our Animal Management staff. How valuable is this? TBZ's dedicated animal management staff is responsible for the care of many rare and endangered species. Being able to partake in professional clinical sessions fortifies the knowledge of our animal caretakers, and as a result, every animal who calls TBZ their home, benefits, too!

We show a big THANK YOU to all of the students who partake in this important work by providing  them with close up animal encounters.  Jaguar Junior Buddy seems to enjoy his time with his Ross Vet student friends, and has no trouble showing off his behavioral skills.  From all at The Best Little Zoo in the World, a HUGE thank you to Ross Vet School for their productive time and contributions.



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