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As the New Year starts, we welcome 2016 and are ready to begin our new exciting programs and projects at The Belize Zoo.

Wildlife awareness and education, as ever, play the key role in our upcoming plans.  Barn Owl Ambassador, “Happy” is getting ready to visit schools in Belize City.  Our largest urban center is an important habitat grounds for Barn Owls.  Sadly , these beautiful birds-of-prey are often killed in Belize City.   Why?  They are falsely believed to be “The bird of evil and misery”.  As a result, they are cruelly treated.  Why in the world should we “pick on” a bird that eats more rats and mice than ANY OTHER animal on the planet?  That is the primary message Happy the Owl will take to schools in 2016.

Rose the American crocodile will also be getting an “Education outreach workout”.  She will visit schools and bring with her the important message that her species is vital in Belize.  Crocodiles are apex predators.  They keep our aquatic ecosystems in balance.  Without them,  a “runaway prey-filled” environment would occur.  In other countries ,  similar situations have brought about a sorry environmental  profile.   Removing predators such as wolves and cougars, the white-tail deer population has escalated in many places.   These deer roam about, destroying vegetation in people’s yards.  They are hazards on the highways.   In so many places, white tail deer are regarded as pests and liabilities.  This is due to the fact that there are no natural predators to keep the white tail deer population in check.

This is another clear example that nature needs balance.

Rose the American crocodile will have help in spreading the important education messages about her species.  An upcoming story book, THIS CROC ROCKS, will be printed in the first half of 2016.  The book is based on the story of our special crocodile Rose.  It will be filled with crocodile facts.  THIS CROC ROCKS will bring Rose the American crocodile to life in a fun and entertaining manner.  Learning should be fun, and her story will make all readers laugh while they learn!

We look forward to 2016 as a year where The Belize Zoo will continue to make a strong impact.  Throughout the nation, we will bring the wonderful world of our native wildlife into the hearts and minds of many.   Happy New Year from The Best Little Zoo in the World!


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