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 Party Time with Junior Buddy the Jaguar

  Sharon with Gibnuts for Junior's 5th bday




 What a tremendous day at The Belize Zoo!  Over 100 children celebrated Junior Buddy’s 5th birthday, and having fun was clearly the call on this special morning. How does jaguar “Junior Buddy” party hearty?  First, to the delight of the children watching, “Justice” the Jaguar, our very own Environmental Educator, Jamal Andrewin, dressed up as a mighty big cat, and sprayed Obsession Cologne on Junior’s climbing log. 

   There is a musky scent in this men’s cologne which results in Junior Buddy expressing excited delight.  He rolls in it, and tries to cover himself in the lush aroma.
Then, “Justice” the jaguar gave a concise and easily-understood talk to the kids about the important role the Central Belize Wildlife Corridor plays in helping Belize sustain remaining jaguar populations.   
“Junior” then impresserd all party on-lookers as he “counted his age”, going up and down on his climbing log FIVE times!  Well done, Birthday Boy!
Time for a song!  Zoo Director Sharon Matola, also in a jaguar costume and with her guitar, accompanied the pre-school children from La Democracia, as they belted out the “Junior Buddy Song” in great form.  These children have grown up with a bright and healthy understanding of our jaguars in Belize.  Thanks to their fun relationship with “Junior Buddy”, they strongly want to see that the zoo’s repeated theme, “JAGUARS FOREVER”, will ring true for the future.
More fun to come!  Time for “Junior’s” birthday delight:  A HUGE bone, kindly donated from Hyde’s Meat Market in Belmopan.  Surrounded by flowers, it was brought over to Junior Buddy, who could not hide his enthusiasm!   Zookeeper Tim Sho, with a strong and well-aimed hoist, made sure that the bone landed on target:  Smack in the middle of Junior’s pond.  Not caring about getting his beautiful fur coat wet, the birthday boy wasted no time, and jumped in after his prize.
“Junior Buddy” in no time, retrieved his big, bony birthday present, pulled it from the pond, and then happily chomped away.  The children were then treated to cupcakes, face-painting, and games.   Junior Buddy’s Birthday Bash reflects a strong philosophy at The Belize Zoo:   We make learning FUN!  And this  results in producing a positive outlook in our zoo visitors about the special wildlife of Belize.   Happy Birthday Number 5 to Junior Buddy!!!!!!!  

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