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Mahogany Heights Happy Time!

Like many communities, Mahogany Heights has its share of dogs in need of vet care. The Belize Zoo, teaming with vet Dr. Jess Braun, from the Hopkins Belize Humane Society (HBHS) and her vet assistants, recently paid a visit to Mahogany Heights.

With many children present, the Hopkins and Belize Zoo team worked all day to see that twenty dogs were safely neutered.  The kids were very engaged in all of the procedures. Hey, it isn’t every day that they have the opportunity to experience vet actions in their very backyard.  Dr. Jess explained why it is better to have a dog neutered, and all understood and were happy that their canine family members were receiving such quality care.

Dog populations can become very large and annoying if not controlled.  “Problem Potlickers” are not welcomed members in any community. The spay and neuter clinic, sponsored by HBHS, created a better understanding of pet care for the Mahogany Heights community members.

For the kids, the spay and neuter clinic created an arena of fun learning.  And the “dog doctor team” could not help but think that future vets were “in the making,” due to the inquisitive nature of the Mahogany Heights youngsters.

Belize Zoo officials, Humberto Wohlers and Gliselle Marin, provided books for all.  Since he is their “celebrity neighbor” Jaguar Junior Buddy books were given to the children. Clearly, Junior Buddy has made a big impression on the children of Mahogany Heights. His feline fame has brought joy into their world. And their world is a special world.  Mahogany Heights borders the Central Belize Wildlife Corridor. This is important habitat for the mighty Jaguar. Protecting these lands translates into protecting the Jaguars who call that area of Belize their home.

With the wonderful support of Village Chairperson, Ms. Raquel Vega, The Belize Zoo is preparing an exciting conservation program for Mahogany Heights. To be guardians of special habitat, is an honourable calling. The positive role which the Mahogany Heights community can play, aimed at seeing strong protection for the country’s Jaguars, is immense.

The Belize Hopkins Humane Society/Belize Zoo spay and neuter clinic at Mahogany Heights was just the beginning.  More good work and positive action is on the horizon.  Great fun is in store for Mahogany Heights. Creative project planning is already on board for The Belize Zoo. This dynamic combination will undoubtedly lead to a more safe and secure world for Jaguars and other species of wildlife who live nearby. Mega-Magic!!!

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