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LIFE and the Belize Zoo!

Living Independently In Full Existence,  LIFE, is a unique organization brimming with positive force and happy objectives.    Under the talented leader ship of Sister Carlette Gentle, a trained social worker and member of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, LIFE brings joy and magic into the lives of our senior citizens living in the southside area of Belize City.


This organization is new to Belize.  LIFE began its life here in January 2016.  Without a doubt, the goodwill and positive force reflected in the organization’s actions, are timely and permanent.  Currently, there are some fifty senior citizens who are joyous members of LIFE.   Thanks to a sparkling fully accessible van, donated to our Sisters of Mercy in Belize by their caring colleagues, Sisters of Mercy of Nazarath, in the USA,  a variety of assistance programs occur.

There are feeding programs,  LIFE’S “Meals on Wheels” brings good nutritious dinners to hungry older folks with the help of Mercy Kitchen in Belize City.  Assistance is provided for doctor visits, help is given to those who wish to attend social events, and also, LIFE sponsors field trips for its crew of senior members.

As part of their field trip program, The Belize Zoo was an exciting destination recently for LIFE members.  Zoo staff provided guided tours for everyone.  What joy on faces as they used our accessible pathways and viewed the National Animal of Belize, our charismatic tapirs.  “Indy” the tapir definitely enjoyed being fed by his elderly admirers.  Happy visits to see the pelicans, our Keel-billed toucans,  the very rare Scarlet Macaw, and “Panama” our Harpy Eagle, kept everyone’s enthusiasm level high.  And yes!  Our beautiful seven foot Boa Constrictor, “Queen Green” took a few by surprise.

A visit to The Belize Zoo is never complete without a good sighting of the most magnificent big cat in the world, the Jaguar.  And good Jaguar sightings were a big part of the LIFE tour.   Even in the recent heat, and even though they were wearing their fur coats, the Jaguars proudly presented themselves,  so that all could marvel and  admire their beauty.

Refreshments in the shade followed a fun zoo visit.  And to top it all off , a special appearance from American Crocodile, “Rose” brought a perfect  ending to a very special day at The Best Little Zoo in the World.

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