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Kids Helping Kids with Cancer

Having learned about Miss Salima Barrow’s efforts to raise funds aimed at helping children afflicted with cancer, The Belize Zoo wanted very much to extend her heroic efforts,  by offering strong zoo participation.

Miss Salima, along with friends Hayley and Abigail, set up a lemonade stand in the BTL park in Belize City.   Monies collected were presented to the Belize Cancer Center-Dangriga and the girls felt great.   But what made them feel even happier about their good work, was the idea of having an event at The Belize Zoo.

On Sunday, the 23rd of December, zoo visitors had the opportunity to contribute to this important cause.  Half of the gate receipts on Sunday were forwarded to the Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga.  To show appreciation, The Belize Zoo provided guests with a  fun meeting,  starring famous black jaguar, “Lucky Boy”.  He happily showed his approval by giving “high fives” to those who participated in the KIDS HELPING KIDS CANCER campaign.   Signed copies of Happy the barn owl’s new book, WORDS OF WISDOM FROM HAPPY THE OWL, were also provided to guests.  Refreshments, too!

The initial effort, kickstarted by Miss Salima Barrow, the Prime Minister’s daughter, inspired The Belize Zoo to get involved.  When asked what it was which was the inspiration for her to raise funds for kids afflicted with cancer,  Salima did not hesitate.  She noted that seeing her Mom fight cancer over the past months, made her want to do something to help others with cancer.

The Belize Zoo maintains a personal viewpoint of Salima’s efforts to help kids with cancer.  Animal Management Supervisor, Humberto Wohlers, lost his six year old son to cancer after a long and difficult four year battle.  On the animal side, the zoo lost Ellen, the black jaguar, to cancer, just four years ago.

Miss Salima, her Mom, Kim Simplis Barrow, and their family and friends spent over two hours at the zoo enjoying the day’s events.  Everyone was in total agreement:   The KIDS HELPING KIDS WITH CANCER day at The Belize Zoo allowed all to feel that the Christmas spirit was very much alive and well, providing a kind platform of joyful assistance to many children who have cancer in Belize.The zoo extended the opportunity to contribute to KIDS HELPING KIDS WITH CANCER up until the 31st of December.

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