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Junior Buddy Celebrates Lucky #7!


There was so much excitement in the air.  Over 200 children from the neighboring schools at Mahogany Heights and La Democracia, were all smiles and more than ready to help Junior Buddy celebrate his 7th birthday.   Both schools are situated within the Central Belize Corridor, CBC, and part of their zoo experience was hearing from Belize Zoo educators, Jamal Andrewin, and Johanna Pacheco,  about the important role the CBC plays in seeing that jaguars remain in Belize for future generations.

And what better way to appreciate jaguars then having your face painted like one?  That was on the morning schedule.   Games were played, and of course, Zoo Director Sharon Matola had over 100 children singing the Junior Buddy song.  And as Sharon said, “If you don’t sing, you don’t get the cupcakes”….That did the trick!  Everyone sang and sang.  What fun.  To the delight of the young singers, three “jaguars” appeared to keep the mood fun and lively. 

The children were taken in groups to visit Junior.  He was quite aware that something was up.  Flags were flying by his enclosure and a new sign was visible.  Across the zoo path lives our beautiful black jaguar, “Lucky Boy”.   He didn’t seem to mind hosting kids who were waiting to have a good view of the birthday boy.

The supreme moment, however, was when Jamal Andrewin showed his agility and strength by climbing onto the guardrail by Junior Buddy, and tossing a HUGE bone into the fellow’s pond.  What did Junior do?  With an enthusiastic leap, he grabbed his “birthday bone” and headed for the top of his encounter cage to happily gnaw away. 

Our area representative, Mrs. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, came to join in with the celebrations and all at the zoo thank LOVE FM and Channel 5 for their continued support.  The day was glowingly fun.  A Happy Birthday to Jaguar Ambassador  Junior Buddy!  


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