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Internship experiences

Katie Staples from Virginia Tech

I learned about the Belize Zoo and TEC when I visited during a study abroad session last summer. I am very interested in exotic animal rehabilitation and so I saw working here as a wonderful experience. I have a lot more opportunities available to me here at the Belize zoo than if I were back in the States.

My duties include preparing food, cleaning pens, working with certain animals, feeding and assisting the keepers. One really exciting experience is working with scarlet macaw hatchlings. They were only 2 weeks old when I arrived, and I'll be able to watch them grow and see their feathers developing. Other fun things include caring for a baby howler monkey, a baby tapir named Indy, and working with kinkajous. This will definitely be six weeks I will never forget.

Lindsey Daley from United Kingdom 2-weeks internship

My adventure started off at the PoD (Personal Overseas Development) website. PoD is an agency in England that puts people in contact with internship placements worldwide. I spotted the profile of "The Best Little Zoo in the World" and next thing I knew I was on a 35 hours journey to Belize. I have had little experience working with animals but was very willing to learn. The team here provides top notch on the job training - it's an extremely hands on experience! There are countless opportunities to get up close and personal with over 120 animals all native to Belize. Pumas to peccary, Margays to Macaws! If you have a passion for animals and a thirst for adventure I definitely recommend that you to get in touch. Sharon and her team were very welcoming!!


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