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For many people, a pet is indeed an important part of the family.  However, rather than living as family pets,  we also have  many “street animals”.

In Belize, as well as in other countries, conditions occur which are not on the “kind side” of animal care.  When left to breed and run wild, dogs can become an issue of strong concern.  It is very sad, that, in Belize, the poisoning of dogs with strychnine, as a “control measure” occurs.  This is not just cruel, but also portrays Belize in an extremely poor light.  Many times, at The Belize Zoo, we have had guests pass through who have witnessed dead or dying dogs, mainly in Belize City, from this inhumane strategy of “dog control”.  Is there an option?  Yes.  The Hopkins Belize Humane Society, HBHS, closely aligned with The Belize Zoo, promotes spay and neuter clinics throughout Belize.  The Belmopan Humane Society also provides free spay and neutering one day each week…Here is the economic question…How much is the government paying to destroy dogs by strychnine poisoning?  Why not use those “poison funds”  for some honourable issue?  And for sensible animal control, employ the strategy of spay and neuter?  The personnel willing to assist  in order to make this humane option happen,  are ready and willing to take on the task.

Since the beginning of 2015, the HBHS has spayed and neutered over 1,000 animals!  Many of these critters are not “family pets”.  They are “street animals”.   However, they no longer will breed unchecked  and live stressed lives from their own “population boom”, thanks to the efforts of our Humane Societies.

The health of our citizens is strongly tied in with uncared- for- street animals.  Rabies, mange and parasites can easily be passed from animal to human.  Keeping domestic animal populations under control is sensible, humane and a positive approach to an ever-present important issue.

In the upcoming weeks, veterinarians and vet techs, both from abroad and here in Belize, will be visiting various areas of our country.  They will be offering free medical services for dogs and cats.  And of course, there will be the opportunity to spay and neuter animals, as well.

HBHS has been instrumental in providing “on hands” education to staff at the zoo.  And TBZ personnel have travelled to assist in the mobile vet clinics which occur from the good efforts and plans put forward by HBHS.  Healthier domestic animals, whether our family pets, or “street wise” bow-wows, is a good and upbeat reflection of our society.  “The Greatness of a Nation, and its Moral Progress, can be seen in the Way its Animals Are Treated”….Mahatma Gandhi’s infamous words are everlasting.  The Belize Zoo extends a big PAWS UP to all of the country’s Humane Society efforts which are making a positive impact here in our nation.

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