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"Hope" The Harpy Eagle & Climate Change

Bird’s the Word for Belize in October!!!   The Belize Harpy Eagle Restoration Program welcomes, from Panama, “Hope” the Harpy Eagle!  “Hope” is a young male, just four years old, and will now be calling the forests of the Rio Bravo Conservation Management Area, his new home.

And what a perfect place for a Harpy to live!  This tract of forest joins with more tropical forest in both Guatemala and Mexico.  And the Harpy Eagles released in these forested lands, move about, visiting our neighboring countries, as well as spending a great deal of time in Belize.  What are they eating?  Our research has shown that number one on the menu for these larger-than-large birds-of-prey, are Coatimundi (quash), Anteaters (ants bear), and Kinkajous (nightwalker)

“Hope” the Harpy Eagle is the 15th Harpy who has been bred in captivity in Panama, then transferred to Belize for release. lt is the hopeful aim of the program that this introduced population will “survive and thrive” And as they mature, yes, meet up in the lush forests of our country, build  nests and bring to us youngsters!!  In this way, Belize can begin, once again, to look at an established population of these very rare and beautiful Eagles.

“Hope” the Harpy Eagle also arrives with an important mission:  He will be drawing attention to the vital need of addressing the issue of Climate Change.  Throughout the world, our climate is in flux.  Various climatic indicators occur on a regular basis, pointing to changes which are having a negative impact in many countries.
In-depth scientific research has repeatedly shown:   Reducing the negative effects of Climate Change can happen if forest habitat is saved.  But guess what else stands to benefit from keeping our forests in tip-top shape?  The very Harpy Eagles released into the forests of our nation, require those same forests standing, and not destroyed, in order for their species to survive into the future.

Saving our forests for the future saves a lot more than the Harpy Eagle!  This wise conservation strategy will make life for all people, too, healthier and happier!!

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