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Green Wave is the Rave

There will be GREEN WAVE activities taking place throughout every nation. Here in Belize, events will be scheduled, leading up to the important day of Friday 22 May. This date has been formally designated as the International Day for Biological Diversity. To celebrate, children from east to west will plant a tree, creating a "GREEN WAVE" of ecological goodwill. What a great initiative! And positioned to have such a positive effect on our very own Mother Earth!

GREEN WAVE embraces the idea that this simple, yet important action, will foster an even greater appreciation and understanding of conserving forests and trees to protect global biological diversity.

The Belize Zoo, along with their nearby local school, La Democracia Government School, has joined the important GREEN WAVE. A tree seedling was planted this past week, and the children were all excited to be "GREEN WAVERS" by doing this!!

What kind of tree was planted? Our National Tree, of course! The mighty Mahogany Tree. Later during the month of June, the pre-schoolers will visit The Belize Zoo and have a good look at the Mahogany trees growing on zoo grounds. Just under 20 years old, they are tall, strong, and beautiful symbols of our nation's wealth of natural resources. The Belize Zoo has promised the kids that a GREEN WAVE visit to the zoo will also include a JAGUAR JOURNEY, too!
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