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Family Fun Day at the Zoo

International Family Equality Day was celebrated around the globe earlier this month. In honour of this special day, the members of the Our Circle organization brought their families to the Zoo for a fun-filled outdoor adventure!


Our Circle is a volunteer-run organization that advocates for positive societal change and community engagement in Belize, with a particular focus on LGBT citizens. Their active membership of over 28 individuals has managed to engage and impact over 200 members of Belizean society. A number that grows every day! International Family Equality Day was another great opportunity for strengthening bonds between family members, and the Zoo was the perfect place to celebrate a shared love for Belize’s natural heritage.

The group was led on a highlight tour, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of our iconic wildlife "ambassadors" up close. Jaguars, boas, and barn owls were among the colourful cast of characters that eagerly greeted our guests. Some of our own “furry families” were also part of this terrific tour; our monkey, peccary and coatimundi troops were actively romping around their exhibits, allowing our guests to take in the sights (and smells) of these glorious animals.

After a well earned picnic lunch, and a break from the heat, the families decided to explore the Zoo again on their own, and spend more time with their favourite wild residents.

TBZ thanks the Our Circle members and their families for choosing to celebrate International Family Equality Day with us!

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