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Boo at the Zoo!


Halloween has been a popular family tradition for centuries. Animals have been a part of the festivities for just as long. Spiders, black cats, owls, crows and bats are all well known Halloween icons. With this in mind, TBZ hosted its own spook-tacular event: Boo at the Zoo!

Children dressed up as creatures and characters of all shapes and sizes made their way to the Zoo for an evening that was creative, a little creepy-crawly, but totally kid-friendly. And what an event it was!

Families first entered the Zoo through our “haunted hallway,” full of fog, jungle sounds, and some not-too-scary scarecrows. After that, guests moved out into the Zoo to explore other spooky stations!

Rose the crocodile was the official greeter for the day, accompanied by our Zoo Director cleverly disguised as a mama croc. TBZ staff joined in on the fun and roamed the Zoo dressed as jaguars and harpy eagles. These clever carnivores thought it was better to hand out candy than meat, and guests definitely agreed!

While some staff were busy handing out sweets, others were engaging the trick-or-treaters in fun activities. Pin the tail on the jaguar, creature trivia, and other cool games earned players treats and prizes galore!

Some of Belize’s “creatures of the night” also made friendly appearances, including the tapirs, our resident big black cat, Lucky Boy, and, of course, the owls! Sarah Mann of the Belize Raptor Center was on the scene with “Luna,” the lovely spectacled owl. Sarah and Luna showed amazed party guests that, although owls may seem a little scary at night, they are actually fantastic birds that pose no threat to people, and provide the best, natural rodent control on the planet!

Boo at the Zoo was a big hit! Our staff and volunteers worked hard to ensure that it was an enjoyable and educational evening for all. New spooky surprises are already in the plans for next year. Happy Halloween!

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