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The Belize Zoo Internship Program has grown into a very productive and exciting initiative over the years. People from all walks of life come from all over the world to the Zoo to make their contributions to our important conservation work. Interns dedicate their time and energy to either Animal Management or Education, the two most important pillars of the Zoo. Sometimes, they do both!

What makes our internship program unique? Interns are given “hands-on” training they would not get anywhere else on important practices that promote excellent wildlife care and environmental education. Regardless of their level of experience, our interns are given the opportunity to learn from our very knowledgeable staff on a daily basis. Often times, the interns are striving for academic or professional development in a wildlife related field. Their time with us gives them an important boost on that journey. As the internship program fee covers accommodations, but also helps fund the Zoo’s work, many interns leave satisfied that they have contributed in a very meaningful and rewarding way.

Personal Overseas Development (PoD) is a key partner in the Zoo’s internship program. This charity based out of England has specialized in recruiting eager volunteers, and placing them in important projects around the world. Recently, PoD sent us the Hodgson family, a father-mother-son team from England. All 3 Hodgsons had very different backgrounds, but adapted quickly to “Zoo life” and became important members of the team.

Mr. Paul joined the Education department, and became an expert “tour guide,” teaching visitors fun facts about the wildlife they were observing, and helping others navigate the winding paths of the Zoo. School visits and educational fairs were popping up constantly, and Mr. Paul was a star at these; eagerly interacting with the public, and helping share important conservation messages.

Jackie and Alex assisted our keepers with tending to the daily needs of our animals. Whether it was chopping up fruits and meat, cleaning out ponds, or pushing wheelbarrows back and forth, no task was too tough or too dirty for this great mother and son duo!

Many friendships are made, and important knowledge is shared through the Zoo’s internship program. These exchanges contribute to the Zoo’s momentum and positive growth. We say a big THANK YOU to the Hodgsons, and all the interns before them, and those to come! TBZ gets by with a little help from our friends!

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