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A Perfect Partnership! BHHS and the Belize Zoo!


The continuing relationship between the zoo and the Belize Hopkins Human Society, BHHS, continues to have a positive impact here in our nation.  Anyone living in Belize has seen a fair amount of dogs in need of care.   One of the greatest needs is that of spay and neutering.  Far too many “pot-lickers” are wandering out and about and they should not be breeding.  However, a visit to any veterinarian in Belize to obtain this surgical procedure costs money.  As a result, this essential bow-wow management strategy is mostly ignored.

Headed up by Clara Lee Arnold and Joseph Morgan, a “roving vet clinic”, based in Hopkins, has been successfully developed.  This year, Dr. Neil Carter performed over eleven spay and neuters in the animal operating area at the zoo.  Dogs were also treated for fleas, and some were de-wormed.

The dedicated staff worked tirelessly.  BHHS Director, Clara Lee Arnold, with Belize Zoo assistance, would make journeys to villages and scoop up wandering “pot-lickers”.  These were dogs that were obviously in need of vet care. Then they would return to the zoo.  Yes, the dogs were scared and nervous, but who could blame them?  Unaware that their lives would become more comfortable, they only saw strangers, strange medical instruments, and heard the frightened barks of other dogs.

But we know the scoop on this!  Is there ANY animal that enjoys a visit to the vet?  The veterinarians, who come to The Belize Zoo for clinics, receive a sullen and angry welcome from all of the zoo’s residents.  However, the final call is a good one.  This past week, every animal examined and treated by Dr. Carter, Clara Lee, Joseph Morgan and their associates, will now lead happier and healthier lives.  They just don’t realize it at the time of “action.”

Humane Societies everywhere earn that title and share it with pride.  Treating all animals in a humane fashion is a firm reflection on us, the two-legged species.  No one stated it better than the noble Mahatma Ganhdi:  The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.  Thank you Hopkins Belize Humane Society.  Your work provides glowing input here in our country.

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