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(Potos flavus)

Kinjajou (Potos flavus) The kinkajou, known as the "night walker" in Belize, is a nocturnal animal which lives among the upper canopy of the tropical forest. They feed mainly on fruits and insects. In the dry season of Belize, they often eat flowers for their nectar.

The kinkajou is extremely agile and fast, traveling quickly along the tree tops, jumping noisily from tree to tree. The long prehensile tail is used to balance and hold on while traveling among the tree tops. The kinkajou is one of the most commonly seen tropical forest animals. A strong flashlight shined into the canopy will often reveal the kinkajou by its tremendous eyeshine which can be seen from a great distance.

The kinkajou ranges from Southern Mexico to Southern Brazil. They are found in a variety of habitats, from mature tropical forests to heavily disturbed and secondary forests. It is sometimes hunted for its meat and fur.

Key Facts

Length: 1.5 feet + 20" tail
Weight: 3-7 lbs.

Reach Maturity: 18 months (males) & 30 months (females)
Mating: Non-seasonal
Gestation: 98-120 days
No. of Young: 1 young, rarely 2

Habitat: Lowland forests. Solitary & pairs
Food: Fruit, insects, flowers
Lifespan: 23 years in captivity

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