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Some of the activities available at The Belize Zoo Jungle Lodge are:

A) Savannah Nature Trail -

Bird Decking

This nature trail meanders through the pine savannah over boardwalks and seasonal ponds and streams. Learn about the ecology and importance of Belize's savanna ecosystem, and witness some of the wildlife found in this unique habitat, like the endangered yellow headed parrots, armadillos, agouti and grey fox. You may even come across the paw print of the elusive jaguar!

B) Birding -

Over 220 bird species have been sighted at the TEC in locations such as near the pond, along our savannah trails, and even just around our parking lot! Guests have an excellent opportunity to observe a variety of resident and migratory birds like the Plain Chachalaca, Social Flycatcher, Gray-necked Wood-rail, Turkey Vulture, and the endangered and endemic Yellow-Headed Parrot.  

C) Canoe Trips -

1/2 day canoe trips down the Sibun River with a guide. Launch off sandy river banks to navigate through the riparian forest bordering the river. This is also a great birdwatching opportunity, and wildlife such as iguanas, monkeys, hawks, and even crocodiles are sometimes spotted. alt

D) Zoo Nocturnal Tour -

See the animals in the zoo at night, behind the scene tour. Hold a friendly Boa Constrictor. Learn about the natural history of these endangered species from the expert zoo keeper guides. See the animals close-up in their natural habitat exhibits.                                


E) Natural History Lectures -

Lectures are available on the natural history of the flora and fauna of Belize. Also a variety of wildlife documentaries done in Belize.

Telephone: 501-832-2004; or 501-625-8330

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